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Good Socks Will Be Sacrificed -Crafting Fails and Wins

Doll Hack #1: Be aware when printing from different machines! I tried to print off some more stuff to expand the school, but gah! The colour and size differences! And to think, I thought the lockers were unrealistically big before -now they’re giant! What on Earth am I going to do with this brick now?? ***… Continue reading Good Socks Will Be Sacrificed -Crafting Fails and Wins


What Happens After Camp? (Photostory)

It’s a few days after the Camp Pop vs Camp Royalty concert and Princess Courtney has just returned home. She changes back into her ball gown and is surprised by her friend Princess Holly. Holly wanted to go to Camp Royalty, but had to do other things during the summer instead. She wants to know… Continue reading What Happens After Camp? (Photostory)

I Made Something

Improving the Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls

If you know me, you’ll know that I hate three things: 1.) When people spread totally untrue rumours about me (lil passive aggressive jab there, since I can’t actually say that irl) 2.) Dolls with painted-on clothes 3.) Dolls with cheap, stiff bodies that can’t move their heads or anything fun like that Because my Rock ‘n… Continue reading Improving the Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls