Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me (photostory)

Before I started this photostory I took a few pictures of the girls’ outfits because I thought they were cute af. Here is Danika wearing cute printed fabric shorts with a crop top. Here is Barbie wearing my lovely 2009 Fashionista Artsy dress. And here is Aimee wearing some more modern pieces -a shirt from… Continue reading Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me (photostory)


The Photography Club

It’s Wednesday morning, and Catrina, who is on the student representative council, is trying to gain supporters for her petition. “Hi Emily!” Catrina pauses, as she looks at Aria curiously. “Hi… you.” There’s an awkward pause. “I’m Aria.” Aria explains. “I’m new.” Catrina turns to Emily. “Do you want to sign my petition? If I… Continue reading The Photography Club


Hello, It’s Invitation Only (photostory)

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to make Aria (the Pink Passport ski doll) a main character? Oops. But look at her! Isn’t she so pretty?   Anyway, for today’s post we are headed back to Aquifolia High School! It’s just a normal day in class. Nobody is doing any work. There is no… Continue reading Hello, It’s Invitation Only (photostory)

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Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions

I haven’t had much in the way of an Internet connection lately, and I haven’t had time to write much nowadays, either. I said this before, and I’ll say it again -I would never be bored if I didn’t have a job! They’d always be something to write about, or something to make, or something… Continue reading Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions