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Ashlyn Ella, Daughter of Cinderella

Er… So remember when I promised I wouldn’t buy anything? Well, I went to the store today and saw a bunch of EAH dolls! More than I’ve ever seen at one store at a time. There was Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen and Ashlyn Ella. There was also some budget dolls, which I didn’t… Continue reading Ashlyn Ella, Daughter of Cinderella

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Midge’s Great Idea (shopping + photostory)

*scroll down for photostory* I went to both Big W and Kmart today, and walked away empty-handed. I saw the reproduction Totally Hair Barbie which celebrates it’s 25th anniversary. It’s the first Collector doll I’ve ever seen at Big W! (not sure if it even counts as a ‘collector’ doll though?? There’s no ‘barbie collector’ on the… Continue reading Midge’s Great Idea (shopping + photostory)