See You Around, Jewel (Photostory)

I’ve decided to kick Jewel out of the main group, so she’s headed back to New York City! I also wanted to sort things out with Neko and Aimee, so you’ll find out about that later on. “Ta da!” Barbie has proudly organised Jewel’s going-away party all by herself. “Wow, Barbie, the place looks amazing!’… Continue reading See You Around, Jewel (Photostory)

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Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer Photoshoot

Last night, I drank a mocha thickshake because I thought ‘oh, mocha isn’t real coffee, it won’t keep me awake!’ Spoiler alert: It did. So unlike a normal person, who would be sleeping at 11pm, I was dressing my dolls. Because I am not a normal person. Here are the results: Let’s take a closer look. Neko… Continue reading Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer Photoshoot

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I Can Be… A Preschool Teacher & Walkin’ Pups

Remember how I said I wanted to slowly photograph everything in my collection? Today we have the 2010 I Can Be… A Preschool Teacher playground set (I got this second hand) and Some Variation of the Walkin’ Pups that Mattel Pumps Out Year After Year For Some Reason. I also got this second hand. Seriously though -do kids… Continue reading I Can Be… A Preschool Teacher & Walkin’ Pups