Fashion Hack: How to Style Printed Leggings (for dolls obvi.)

“Leggings are not pants!” “Leggings are for inside the house only!” Ever heard a statement like these? I know I sure have πŸ˜‰ I happen to be very guilty of rocking the leggings-as-pants look. But sometimes, you want to dress it up a little. Take it one notch further. But how? PRINTED LEGGINGS! Here, we… Continue reading Fashion Hack: How to Style Printed Leggings (for dolls obvi.)

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Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions

I haven’t had much in the way of an Internet connection lately, and I haven’t had time to write much nowadays, either. I said this before, and I’ll say it again -I would never be bored if I didn’t have a job! They’d always be something to write about, or something to make, or something… Continue reading Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions


Catrina Tries Her Best ~photostory~

It’s afternoon, and Catrina, as a new member of the student representative council, has booked an appointment to speak with Mr Steven. “Whoa, who’s the freakshow?” Mr Steven turns to his son. “Damien, you’re not even wearing shoes. For God’s sake! It’s eleven degrees out!” He coughs, and turns back to Catrina. “Ignore him. Take… Continue reading Catrina Tries Her Best ~photostory~

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New Guy in Town // Hip Hop Hoodie Fashionista

Oh my goodness, I feel absolutely terrible today. All headachey and exhausted! I suppose it’s probably because I’m surviving off, what, four hours sleep, and some tea, an iced coffee, and some more tea. I’ve probably done far too much walking, too. Anyway. I bought a new doll today, for $10. There were only two… Continue reading New Guy in Town // Hip Hop Hoodie Fashionista


A Day at the Daycare ~photostory~

It’s Wednesday morning, but 17-year-old Imogen isn’t at school. She dropped out awhile ago to start her own at-home daycare. Midge, a single mother who lives in the neighbourhood, helps her out a few days a week. “Hi Imogen!” Midge says. “I just dropped off Nikki and Brittany upstairs.” Nikki is Midge’s daughter, and Brittany… Continue reading A Day at the Daycare ~photostory~


The Election Part II ~ photostory

Where I last left off, ex-best friends Catrina and Emily had just finished their speeches -Catrina focusing on educational changes, and Emily focusing on material changes. Today, the students will decide who is elected on the student representative council… “Hi Drew!” “Agh!” Drew jumps back. Why is this girl standing so close to her? “You’ll… Continue reading The Election Part II ~ photostory