See You Around, Jewel (Photostory)

I’ve decided to kick Jewel out of the main group, so she’s headed back to New York City! I also wanted to sort things out with Neko and Aimee, so you’ll find out about that later on. “Ta da!” Barbie has proudly organised Jewel’s going-away party all by herself. “Wow, Barbie, the place looks amazing!’… Continue reading See You Around, Jewel (Photostory)

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Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer Photoshoot

Last night, I drank a mocha thickshake because I thought ‘oh, mocha isn’t real coffee, it won’t keep me awake!’ Spoiler alert: It did. So unlike a normal person, who would be sleeping at 11pm, I was dressing my dolls. Because I am not a normal person. Here are the results: Let’s take a closer look. Neko… Continue reading Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer Photoshoot


Welcome To Drama Town (Photostory)

Since last episode, Imogen has discovered that she is no longer welcome in the group. She hasn’t taken it well. “Hi, Catrina.” Neko says. “Pull up a chair. You can sit with us for today.” Catrina smiles. Finally! she thinks. Soon I’ll be popular again!  Imogen leaps up from her seat. “Found my replacement already, I see!” She… Continue reading Welcome To Drama Town (Photostory)


Going Offline (Photostory)

Emily is disgruntled to discover that Anonymous Panda Imogen has not stopped posting things about her since their confrontation. She decides to go ahead and ask Barbie what she knows. “Surely not?” Barbie gasps, after Emily explains everything. “Imogen wouldn’t do that! She can act a little tough sometimes, but she’s not full-on mean…” “It’s her.” Emily… Continue reading Going Offline (Photostory)