A Day at the Daycare ~photostory~

It’s Wednesday morning, but 17-year-old Imogen isn’t at school. She dropped out awhile ago to start her own at-home daycare. Midge, a single mother who lives in the neighbourhood, helps her out a few days a week. “Hi Imogen!” Midge says. “I just dropped off Nikki and Brittany upstairs.” Nikki is Midge’s daughter, and Brittany… Continue reading A Day at the Daycare ~photostory~


Not Hatin’, Just Skatin’ (photostory)

Let’s see what everyone is up to today… Imogen is visiting Midge for afternoon tea, and they are discussing all their problems. “I guess… I’m just a bit bored nowadays…” Midge says. “I keep thinking I should go get a job or something, but what? I don’t have any experience, I didn’t even finish school!”… Continue reading Not Hatin’, Just Skatin’ (photostory)

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Happy Family Midge and Nikki

Announcement: The Barbie LIVE in the Dreamhouse trailer has finally released. We still haven’t heard anything about Dreamhouse Adventures, perhaps this is replacing it? Today I will be showing you my 2003 Happy Family Midge and Nikki set! I’ve lost some of the pieces -such as Midge’s shoes, Nikki’s shoes and the other dog toy. A… Continue reading Happy Family Midge and Nikki