Not Hatin’, Just Skatin’ (photostory)

Let’s see what everyone is up to today… Imogen is visiting Midge for afternoon tea, and they are discussing all their problems. “I guess… I’m just a bit bored nowadays…” Midge says. “I keep thinking I should go get a job or something, but what? I don’t have any experience, I didn’t even finish school!”… Continue reading Not Hatin’, Just Skatin’ (photostory)

I Made Something

Building an Ice Rink for Barbie & Friends

Hello! Back in 2013, when this video was first released, I built this ice rink: It was quite similar to the one shown here, with the plastic cutouts, black foam, everything. It was quite nice! A few months later, I threw it away because it was taking up too much space. The cardboard was huuugge!… Continue reading Building an Ice Rink for Barbie & Friends