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New Fashions! DVD Cover Update!

Okay, so before I begin, I’d like to share this really cool video. I’m sure, like, everyone in the entire world has heard of MyFroggyStuff but this is a video I particularly like. I’m not really a fan of MyFroggyStuff, I find she uses things that are either very difficult to find or quite expensive,… Continue reading New Fashions! DVD Cover Update!

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Ashlyn Ella, Daughter of Cinderella

Er… So remember when I promised I wouldn’t buy anything? Well, I went to the store today and saw a bunch of EAH dolls! More than I’ve ever seen at one store at a time. There was Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen and Ashlyn Ella. There was also some budget dolls, which I didn’t… Continue reading Ashlyn Ella, Daughter of Cinderella

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I Went to Target Again and Actually Bought Something!

$13 for Dreamtopia dolls -I liked the hair colours, but not the faces. They seemed way too defined and cheekboney, similar to the Teresa Made to Move. $7 for water play dolls -lol, as if I would ever waste my time on these! $13 for Fashionistas -None of the ones I wanted were available $15… Continue reading I Went to Target Again and Actually Bought Something!