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Princess Charm School Delancy Schoolgirl & Ballgown Dolls

I saw something new today! The Barbie Careers: Ice Skater, who I have been looking for for ages recently -but an AA version! Honestly, it’s terribly rare to see an AA Barbie in my city, so this was a great surprise (I think this was the only non-white doll in the whole store, actually). I… Continue reading Princess Charm School Delancy Schoolgirl & Ballgown Dolls


What Happens After Camp? (Photostory)

It’s a few days after the Camp Pop vs Camp Royalty concert and Princess Courtney has just returned home. She changes back into her ball gown and is surprised by her friend Princess Holly. Holly wanted to go to Camp Royalty, but had to do other things during the summer instead. She wants to know… Continue reading What Happens After Camp? (Photostory)

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Dandelion Fix-Up & Fairytale Friends

I had a random moment of inspiration and decided to clean up my precious second-hand Dandelion from the 2005 film Barbie Fairytopia. (I find it annoying and slightly amusing how I have quite a few dolls from the Fairytopia series, but no Elina!) The first step, obviously, was to soak her face in hot soapy water to… Continue reading Dandelion Fix-Up & Fairytale Friends