The Photography Club

It’s Wednesday morning, and Catrina, who is on the student representative council, is trying to gain supporters for her petition. “Hi Emily!” Catrina pauses, as she looks at Aria curiously. “Hi… you.” There’s an awkward pause. “I’m Aria.” Aria explains. “I’m new.” Catrina turns to Emily. “Do you want to sign my petition? If I… Continue reading The Photography Club


Catrina Tries Her Best ~photostory~

It’s afternoon, and Catrina, as a new member of the student representative council, has booked an appointment to speak with Mr Steven. “Whoa, who’s the freakshow?” Mr Steven turns to his son. “Damien, you’re not even wearing shoes. For God’s sake! It’s eleven degrees out!” He coughs, and turns back to Catrina. “Ignore him. Take… Continue reading Catrina Tries Her Best ~photostory~

My Collection

New Guy in Town // Hip Hop Hoodie Fashionista

Oh my goodness, I feel absolutely terrible today. All headachey and exhausted! I suppose it’s probably because I’m surviving off, what, four hours sleep, and some tea, an iced coffee, and some more tea. I’ve probably done far too much walking, too. Anyway. I bought a new doll today, for $10. There were only two… Continue reading New Guy in Town // Hip Hop Hoodie Fashionista


PSA: Ryan is MAN BUN Ken + Some Other Stuff

Okay, so I was putting off watching Barbie’s latest vlog because, as you can guess by the title, Ryan has been turned into MAN BUN KEN! (also, if you haven’t seen the vlog, WATCH IT NOW!)  Now, I love man bun Ken. And I also love Ryan! But like, I never considered they would be… Continue reading PSA: Ryan is MAN BUN Ken + Some Other Stuff