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2018 Barbie Wishlist + Skipper’s Surprise Party

Whoa, can you believe it’s November already? It feels like I was writing my 2017 Barbie Wishlist just a few short months ago! The photos are all from https://barbielistholland.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/2018-news-about-the-barbie-dolls/ Anyway, let’s get started with the first beautiful doll, from the 2018 Fashionista line. Isn’t she the cutest? I love her outfit and her face, but ugh,… Continue reading 2018 Barbie Wishlist + Skipper’s Surprise Party


The Photography Club

It’s Wednesday morning, and Catrina, who is on the student representative council, is trying to gain supporters for her petition. “Hi Emily!” Catrina pauses, as she looks at Aria curiously. “Hi… you.” There’s an awkward pause. “I’m Aria.” Aria explains. “I’m new.” Catrina turns to Emily. “Do you want to sign my petition? If I… Continue reading The Photography Club