Current Barbie Organisation and Storage

Hello everyone! Remember how poor Aria’s foot snapped off? And I looked around for a replacement body but couldn’t justify spending a lot of money to replace a broken foot? Anyway, I found the solution -Erika Juno! That’s right, I decided to swap Aria’s broken body with that of Erika Juno’s. Of course, it’s not her original… Continue reading Current Barbie Organisation and Storage

I Made Something · Photostories

Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions

I haven’t had much in the way of an Internet connection lately, and I haven’t had time to write much nowadays, either. I said this before, and I’ll say it again -I would never be bored if I didn’t have a job! They’d always be something to write about, or something to make, or something… Continue reading Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions

I Made Something

Tips & Tricks to Create a DIY Fold-Up Bedroom

If you’re working with limited space, fold-up dioramas are the perfect alternative to regular ol’ boxed dioramas. They’re easy to store, and even easier to throw away once you’ve finished. The sides of the cardboard box is the weakest, so that means it’s the easiest to cut along. You can also fold the card to… Continue reading Tips & Tricks to Create a DIY Fold-Up Bedroom

I Made Something · Photoshoots

Playing Dress Up & Storage Solutions

I was planning on doing a full photostory today, but I was just so darn exhausted I ended up dressing my dolls, stetting the scene and then never actually taking the photos! So I decided to post this instead -I’ll try to do the photostory next weekend, if I can squeeze it in. Dressing up… Continue reading Playing Dress Up & Storage Solutions