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Fashionista Outfits (Teresa ’15, Raquelle ’13, Kenzie ’15)

Remember the big rebrand of 2015? The first rebranded doll I ever saw was over Easter, which was quite late in the year, considering they had been out in the US for some time. It was the 2015 Fashionista Teresa, and I bought her immediately because she was just so pretty. A year later, I… Continue reading Fashionista Outfits (Teresa ’15, Raquelle ’13, Kenzie ’15)


Barbie and Ken Break Up (again), Articulated Curvies and Other Stories

Years Later, Lammiily Isn’t That Popular Do you remember Lammily? I know I sure do.  I think her big debut was Christmas 2014, and hoo boooy, did she make my life difficult! Every doll site I visited, news about Lammily popped up everywhere -as if there hadn’t been plenty of other ‘real’ dolls produced before,… Continue reading Barbie and Ken Break Up (again), Articulated Curvies and Other Stories

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Beach Babes #2 -Have Wheels, Will Travel

Today’s featured toys: 2002 Rio De Janerio Teresa, 2008ish car, 2002ish car, 2015 Barbie Style Resort outfits for Summer and Barbie I’m not quite sure why I titled this series ‘beach babes’ since there’s no actual beach involved… Let’s move on… This is a promo image for the Barbie Rio De Jenerio dolls, produced in 2002… Continue reading Beach Babes #2 -Have Wheels, Will Travel